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To bring about the Behavioural changes – to move from linear economy to circular economy is one of the planned effects on the target group.

01. To Reduce and Refuse Plastic


To Reduce and Refuse the usage of single use plastic to beat plastic pollution.

02. bring behavioural changes


To bring the behavioural changes amongst the Community (target audience) to move from life of convenience to life of existence.

03. zero garbage communities


To promote less littering, less garbage/plastic environment.


How We Work

Afroz Shah Foundation, founded by Adv. Afroz Shah, is a philanthropic foundation registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013. The foundation is a marriage between Gandhian philosophy of a citizen’s movement and 21st century structured formal set up to carry out philanthropic activities. The activities being carried out by Adv. Afroz Shah and his team of volunteers – till date – will be carried out in formal structure format under the aegis of Afroz Shah Foundation. The objectives are two-fold:

Citizen volunteers contribute their time, effort and money every week to carry out ground activities to protect and preserve Mother Nature. Behavioral change by doing is the motto.

Some citizen volunteers’ right to livelihood is linked to the right to a clean environment. Circular economy, waste management and these rights are tightly interwoven to push the mission, vision and object of this foundation.



  • Running mind-set change ground action campaign in the coastal communities in India and in Human – Ocean conflict zone and Human – animal conflict zone.
  • To stop littering, promote zero garbage communities & get a circular economy in people’s lives.
  • Training communities to implement Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) activities with the partnership of small – scale plastic producers and citizens;
  • Engaging school & college students to fight Plastic Pollution.
  • To turn ocean plastic into recyclable raw materials.
  • Community development – cleaning toilets , food for plastic etc.
  • Implementing SDG’s of UN at the ground level.

For the past more than 6 years (week 348)

  • Cleaning beaches
  • Cleaning mangroves
  • Toilet clean ups in the human-ocean conflict zone.
  • Making 43 villages of Sanjay Gandhi National Park garbage free.
  • Spot Cleaning in human-ocean and human-animal conflict zones.
  • Cleaning creeks, cleaning inaccessible mangrove patches submerged under
    water during high tide with the help of boats.
  • Training people for Circular Economy – reduction of generation of garbage.
  • Rejuvenating River Mithi – cleaning up of the river and training people living
    on the banks of the river for circular economy.
  • Running programmes in school to make the younger generation in schools
    and colleges do ground action and “learn by doing”

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Our Adeptness

Following activities/ground action programs are being carried out on day to day basis to tackle marine litter: 

2,00,000 citizens and 168,650 (91 schools / colleges) students regularly working on roster system (weekly basis) to clean beaches, mangroves, rivers.

35 Million Plastic pieces (Multi-layer Packaging, single-use and unnecessary plastic) stopped from entering water bodies in last 6 years.

Versova beach, second beach under-going transformation –Dana Paani Beach, Mumbai.

60+ Million Kgs of plastic and filth removed from the Ocean, Beaches, Creeks, Rivers, Forests in the last 6 years.

Villages in a protected forest- Sanjay Gandhi National Park – have adopted circular economy – to reduce ‘human-animal conflict’.

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